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November 5, 1928

“I don’t have to say how I felt. I thought it was the end of, of us all then. I was 15 years old, and I was all alone in this hell.

Lilly Appelbaum Malnik from “Voices from Auschwitz, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Lilly Appelbaum Malnik Holocaust Survivor is born in Antwerp, Belgium.

Deported to Auschwitz in 1944, Lilly felt lucky to work in a camp kitchen. A transport of starving Hungarian-Jewish women and children arrived–they were to be killed the next day, so weren’t fed that night. Lilly decided to sneak potatoes into their barracks. As she passed the food out in the dark, a commotion began. Suddenly, lights blazed. The barracks leader stormed in. “I could denounce you! You could be shot!” she screamed at Lilly. Then she added quietly, “Go back to your barracks.” Next day, the Hungarians were gassed.

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Oral History Interview via United States Holocaust Museum:

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