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The source of my inspiration for my blog Sophisticate in the Suburbs™  and my desire to inspire others with stories and messages of empowerment started with a library book.

One of my favorite memories was going to the library with my mother.  Every Saturday,  I would spend a few hours filling a bag with my favorite books. When I reached adolescence my reading comprehension allowed me to go to the adult section.

I don’t know how I found this book but by chance, I found a book that provided several chapters on Women in History.  The chapters were short and there was a beautiful illustration starting every chapter. A 200-page book, whose pages flew past my fingers every time I borrowed it.

I borrowed this book almost every time I went to the library.  I remember having to restrain myself from borrowing it, I loved it so much. It introduced me to Harriet Tubman, Helen Keller, Pocahontas, and Elizabeth Blackwell to name a few.

Global Women’s History website is an extension, if not the backbone of my blog Sophisticate in the Suburbs ™.

My hope is that Global Women’s History. com will be a way to empower women to believe that living in a global community, to achieve more than what was expected, and the ability to have inner strength and courage in the face of defeat and failure  (as demonstrated by the diamond symbol) are attributes that may be the new definition of Sophistication in the 21st Century.

My hope is that similar to the book I used to read in the library, this website provides others with the same interest, inspiration, and education that book provided me. In the end, the goal of this website is to promote those women of the past and the present who have made history to inspire those women in the future to “Make History”.

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